Turn Signal Problems. And MOTORCYCLES really are everywhere.

Mind if I Rant?

We figured it up last year. We have done an average of 45,000 miles a year, for the last 10 years, yes that is not a typo. We've averaged that many miles. (Truck and bikes totaled.)

Now, when I rode my Harley it had what is called a self-canceling turn-signal. meaning - if I forget to turn it off, it goes off soon enough for people behind me to get the message.

On the other hand, on my Yamaha FJR 1300, if I turn a signal on it stays on -we even put auxiliary lights (extra flashing dash lights) in my view to remind me to turn off my signal. It's very dangerous to leave them on, as people are even more tempted to turn in front of a motorcycle if it looks like they can beat the small little vehicle, and the light left on is like a welcome sign. "Please turn in front of this tiny vehicle, it won't hurt that much to land on cement right in your path."

But that is not the topic tonight. Fooled you.

I'm talking about people driving vehicles, locally and on interstates, that basically assume that since they know they are changing lanes or turning, that everyone in every vehicle on earth should know that too!!

I'm miffed. Every near miss we've had (not that many d-i-l) but each one involves people turning without signaling.

The only major accident we've had was someone not only turning left hitting us when we had the right-of-way, at a red light, but also no signals and turning from the wrong lane.



Here's my thinking,

Once people are real close to home, or
when they are driving the same route everyday, and/or
they are distracted by texting and nearly miss their turn, or
when they have a lot on their mind, or
when they are running late, or
when they are just out for a drive, or
when they are in a strange place, or
when they are in the wrong lane and need to exit right now no matter what the consequences, or
when people simply are thinking of themselves and absolutely no one else on the highway,

they simply do not push that little bar down,
or up as the case may be ... just one more nerve wracking thing to remember, I guess...

Hey, at least turn-signals cancel in most vehicles ... you have the advantage over me.

I'm retraining myself to turn the bugger off!! I shift from 1st to second gear then check my signal, nearly everytime I complete a turn, unless I have something else on my mind, like someone turning in front of me, in which case I must upright my bike from the lean of the turn before I can hit the brakes ... then the turn-signal may have to wait its "turn." They called me "flasher" one year on Run For The Wall, because of my continuous flashing signal. At lease I use them.


Back to knitting.

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Andrea said...

"not the many" ...... ohmyheavens.

(sheesh ain't it itme for you all to be home for a smidge???? There are some (well alot) of little Cockrums that are missing ya :)

(yes, that was a passive aggressive manipulation attack. hehe Never again. I promise. -do you see my finger's crossed?-


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