Definately a one-day project - another knit felt purse finished.

Another Knit Felted purse.  Jenn really like the purse I made with wool yarn and alpaca sock yarn.  It turned out pretty cute, and is a great spring accessory.  She's a February girl so purple was perfect. 

It's been great visiting with our son in Kansas, we were glad to have a washer and dryer right off the kitchen.  I sat in front of a good movie and made Jenn a purse, then felted it in the next room.  So much better than going to the laudro-mat to felt an item.

This is one of my favorite bags - and the picture in natural light just highlights the details. I know what I did wrong on this one - because it is still in the family!  The strap i-cord wasn't stretched well enough before the piece was dried and assembled, therefore it stretched out quite a bit.  Live and learn!!

I've been looking into kicking up my weaving a bit, still have some questions for my instructor, and hope to move forward on weaving wider pieces.  I get stuck on the same width no matter how I set up my loom (which is stored currently while we travel).

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