Knitting or Weaving Studio. Mp3 player full of choice music.

I read a quote today in a fiber magazine, "The studio is where my loom sits." I'm so ready to have a studio, with my yarns on display, my knitting baskets and projects out in the open, and my loom center stage. I will have my mp3 player set up with my "sound box."

What type of music is on my MP3 player? Hm-m-m!!

OK, first, I have Don Potter, big in the 80's and 90's with Morning Star ministries. My favorite hit of his "Prepare the Way," and "Who do they say I AM?" John Michael Talbott, put a lot of liturgy to guitar and incredible vocals, I downloaded (WalMart Mp3's) several of his songs. David Crowder Band, "Never Let Go." Took me through a storm, good memories. Alright, I admit, I have Allman Brothers on there, their songs play while I'm riding my motorcycle, after I've spent a great deal of time listening to worship and praise. I just love the rhythm and blues sound. I'm looking for the mp3 of "I want a heart that forgives," by Kevin Levar.

I listen to XM, make note of artists with that certain sound and download the music when I get the time.

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