The floor loom is dressed. A break from knitting.

Before we rode our motorcycles to the California line for some meetings this weekend, I set up the warping board and brought out some tweed gray sock yarn. I'm trying a new pattern, about half-way through the "dressing" the loom process, I had to stop and pack my motorcycle for a 3 day trip. So, last night I was back at it, all the yarn, through the holes in the heddles, and through the reed. I'm trying to weave a loose, soft capelet about 18" wide and as long as the yarn lasts.

I've tried two patterns so far and taken them out, which makes the hubby nervous - I really don't mind taking them out over and over till I see the pleasing pattern I'm looking for, but it makes him nervous - he doesn't like "wasting" time, but I see it as learning time.

Anyway the experiment is moving along.

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