Following a knitting pattern.

I don't know what it is about me and knitting patterns. I can read them, I know how to follow them, I enjoy reading them, knitting them and the finished project, but most of the time, I stray.

Like for instance, I'm almost finished with a circular purse, made in panels of short rows. Awesome pattern. I had one side of the purse finished, and decided that if I finished it according to the pattern I was going to have to line the purse, so-o-o-0 I pulled it out, wound the yarn back into a ball, and went yarn shopping.

The yarn (wool blend) is now held together with 100% wool. doing the same pattern, but with both yarns together, I won't have to line it because I'll felt it - making a nice tight dense fabric - no lining needed - am I lazy?

Am I creative?

Am I rebellious?

Am I still a non-conformist?

Or am I FREE to be me?

That's what I love about knitting, I can quit, I can start over, I can go a different direction, I can put the piece in a bag and forget it for ages, pull it out and start again, and I've even been known to pull it all out and donate the yarn to someone else, because the yarn and I simply don't get along. I am either weird or normal, but weird enough to admit it.

I had a brain storm today, and I'm hoping to have a finished project by summer. A trademark design for my knit/felt creativity!! I'm pretty excited about it. Now for the drawing, planning, testing stage... I must video what I'm doing (this is my son's best advice) for future publication!!


Andrea said...

I think ur a freely creative rebel who is free to be fantastic :) though I'm a smidge biased....

Hhhhmmm....a felt brand for ya huh?!! cool!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Aven and Tye are asking everyday is they are seeing Mamaw and Papaw "tomorrow".

We had to make a calendar so they could SEE the days and STOP asking :)


M-I-L said...

Thank you,

I'm excited about my next project.

We are so looking forward to the trip. The calendar thing is so cute, we ask each other everyday too, need to do the same for Papaw I think!

luv ya

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