A Free Form Knit Felted Purse


Try This

Knit holding two strands of yarn together, two 100% wool, or at least one 100% wool, same color or contrasting colors.

On size 13 or larger (29") circular needles cast on 28 stitches, to start the base, knit the first row, purl the next but slip the first stitch on every row. You will knit in circular motion when you finish the base.

Now the Free Form Style. Making the base knit then purl as many rows as you like. (Remember to slip the first stitch on every row!!

When you are done have the base as wide as you like (even if it's square) begin picking up stitches all around the base, the 28 already on the needle (plus the number of slipped stitches on each end) and the 28 stitches on the cast on row.

If you want a square base, and want to end up with a rectangular bag, add a few rows to the base, making it a little wider than your original 28 cast on side, because when you go to felt the bag, the vertical will felt more than the horizontal - do not ask me why!!

Exaggerate everything step, because felting will shrink and mesh all these fibers into a tight boxy shape. You can even do this whole project in bulky yarn and make it a market bag.

Cast off, Make an i-cord handle, felt both pieces, in the same pillowcase (wash in hot for at least 10-15 minutes), and shape to dry.

EXPERIMENT!! And please report back.

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Cranberry Morning said...

So this brings me to another question: Do I still have to weave in all my ends, like all those caused from switching colors? or will it felt so tightly that I don't need to worry. (I have a feeling I know the answer.)

I'm your newest follower! :-)

M-I-L said...

All you have to do with ends on felting is make sure the loose strands are secure, and short, about 2 or 3 inches is ok. You'll have felted strands (I've always thought about leaving them especially on color changes and letting them be a part of the finished piece ... haven't tried it yet.)

When it's felted you just trim them down very close to the work, and unless you have dark and light colors mixed, it's difficult to even see the. trim. If felted correctly you can cut any shape you want out of the fabric and it never frays!

One tip- if you wool is fuzzy, after felting use a plastic razor to shave all the nubbins off, I give a care kit with the purses I sell. It includes tips on cleaning (hand wash mild soap, shaping, I use a rolled up towel or two, and shaving).

Thanks for following me.

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