This is fun... A wool knit bag:1918 Pattern from "Exercises in Knitting" Cornelia Mee

I may try knitting this sight unseen, strictly from the written pattern and see what happens.  I've read and read it and I believe it ends up being a semi circle.  We'll see!!

Shell Knitting for a Bag, in German Wool.

(taken from Exercises in Knitting, by Cornilia Mee copyright 1918 no illustrations!!)

Pins No. 14.

Take 11 shades of wool, begin with the darkest and 4 rows of each shade; that is, 1 pattern done of each.  Cast on 155 stitches, 57 on 2 of the needles and 38 on the third.

(She's referring to double pointed needles)

First Round- Knit 4 stitches, plain.  Bring the wool forward knit 1, bring the wool forward, knit 1.  Repeat this 8 times.  Knit 4 plain, seam 3.  Repeat this all round.

Second Round - Knit 2 plain 2 together, 15 plain, slip 1, knit 1 draw the slipped one over the knitted one, knit 3 plain, seam 4 repeat this all around.

(Note:  when she says "seam stitch" she's referring to purl stitch)

Third Round - Knit 2 plain, 2 together, 14 plain, slip 1, and pull 1 over as before, knit 2 plain, seam 3.

Fourth Round - Knit 1 plain, 2 together, 14 plain, slip and pull over as before, knit 1 seam 3

Fifth Round - Knit 2 together, 14 plain, slip and pull over, seam 3

The stitches will now be reduced to their original number.  Tie on the next shade and repeat the 5 rows as before.  Repeat this 15 times, Then take very small needles, and knit a binder, in simple ribs, in any of the shades 15 rows deep.

The handle is made by knitting on 2 needles of the same size as those used for the bag, with double wool, in the following manner:  Cast on 14 stitches, slip 1, bring the wool forward, slip 1, knit 1, pull the slipped one over the knitted one to the last 2, which are both knitted; without bringing the wool forward fold the two edges into the middle and sew together with the double wool.  Silk tassels to match.

Open for suggestions from people who know how to read older knitting patterns.  I'm stumped on yellow highlighted comment.

I know, I know it's a sickness - trying to get my mind around the technique in the early 1900's.

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