35 year old mother has 21 year old daughter in college, supported by "crafts"

She is 35 years old with a daughter in college, talk about overcoming adversity and making a living in spite of your economic circumstances.  I'm inspired by this article and you will be too.

Read Complete Article here: Friendship Bridge

I've experience the joy of giving away my handmade items, woven pieces, knit and felted designs, baby clothes, sweaters, scarves, but I'm extremely fortunate.

My handmade items aren't necessarily a means of financial support.  (It buys more yarn.)

What an honor to receive cash for items at Art or Craft Fairs, which I thoroughly enjoy, but ...

In the above article ... and on this incredible website Friendship Bridge anyone who is able can become a part of financially supporting women who have, in the past, sold their creations for next to nothing, but are willing to establish their own businesses and make a living to support their families from a very young age.  The way friendship bridge works from what I read, is small loans are given, and paid back through the organizations the women establish in Guatemala, called "microloans."

I'm thoroughly investigating this type of contribution.  And I know that someday if my plans go well, I'll go to Guatemala and mingle with these ladies.

My personal interest in Guatemala?  Our sweet Aven, our granddaughter was adopted from there. 

This picture take last year - her 3 year birthday present - pierced ears.  She's precious!

(My weaving instructor goes into Guatemala every year, and my plans are to go with her to shadow her on one of these trips.  Not to mention going someday with this little lady and her family!!)

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