So the news article got me on a research project of my own, shirtwaist factory fire of 1911, What is a "waist" factory.

I heard about the Triangle fire earlier this week when someone moved up a level on the Millionaire show by answering the trivia question correctly.  Then today I watched a commentator on CBS cover the tragic story.

Searching for a "waist" factory, I discovered my new Blog title photo.

Shirtwaist dresses aren't new - they wore them a hundred years ago, but I decided to do a little era research on the "shirtwaist" through the years.

Just curious about the trend through the years.

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Cranberry Morning said...

Shirtwaist is flattering if you have a teeny little waistline. For those not included in this category, there's always the 1920s dropped waist, which photo you also have.

or, translated to the 21st century, 'sweats.' :-0

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