That was fun! I bought myself some watercolor pencils.

After buying the watercolor pencils, stepping through all the techniques in a little book then spending a day at the park trying my best to paint one silly tree ... I saw this picture on my screen saver.

I decided to give it a whirl.

The end result:

Seriously, I assumed all my still painting talent was totally gone, it's been so many years.  I over did it in a few places, just have trouble leaving it simple.

But after winning a still painting contest in elementary school and getting a summer scholarship, I decided painting wasn't for me, too structured.  My little tablet has about 1/2 dozen tries in it before I landed on painting a photo of a purse.  I may try another one ... I've been wanting a new logo for my blog.


M-I-L said...

I love the purse sitting on the shelf by the book named "Handfuls on Purpose" It is full of little ideas for sermons that we've had for many years.

Anonymous said...

I love these purse ideas. The colors are wonderful. Would like to know more about the patterns.

You can buy this poster.