My Etsy Hobby

I guess it is just a hobby.

I thought it would be a small business, and maybe it will be someday, but for now, till I get this shipping thing down pat, I'm definately spending more money than receiving.


I did just sell a book on Etsy - a How to Macrame' book that has been mine since new...1970's. I made so many items out of this book, I almost hate to part with it, but this fits with our cleaning out the library pledge ... and fits on Etsy's VINTAGE listings.

So, it went to a sweet lady named Lynda in the U.K. Once we settled I was going to make 3 or 3 dollars. WHOA!! I spent 2.50 for it new. Oh well, I could count the number of moves this book has made with me. I certainly got my use out of it. But man it's hard to part with it. Lynda, I hope this inspires you for many moons.

Judy - Parting with my Macrame' Book - it's all just stuff!!

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