Boo the Min Pin Puppy

Boo, our 45th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves.  She has on a "felted" cashmere sweater sleeve, with little holes cut on the sides for her legs.  She is so cold in the mornings, she lays in the sun in her sweater, on her blanket.  Too funny how many little habits she has already.

To the left is a picture of her the first week we had her, that is a 12" tile in a back yard.

And below is a picture of her with another felted wool sweater sleeve, the rounded section down  her back is the upper sleeve where it sets in at the shoulders.  I just hold it up to her tummy to determine where to cut holes for the sleeves.  A felted wool sweater cuts without fraying.  She practically climbs into her sweater in the mornings, she's shaking so bad on her first AM outings.

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