My Union Loom 36 and My First Rug

When I was given this Union Loom 36 I had no idea I would be able to leave the warp on the loom and weave more than one rug.  I was used to dressing the loom for one specific piece and having to start the dressing process again after that piece was removed.

Strands of warp thread moving through the heddles (needles) and then through the reed are each individually warped to a board at the back.  I warped 20 yards for this project, and proabably used 2 MAX!!  The finished rug is 26" by 50"  about a 2' by 4' rug with short fringe.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out what these loops of fabric were made from, until I did a ton of research on rag rugs online.  Finally I realized that it is mostly socks, cut in strips making loops.  Maybe some shirts and some robe sleeves, because there seems to be a lot of chenille wrapped into this ball of scraps.

Below is a picture of the finished rug that I gifted the people who gave me the loom.
Frankie and Rebekah's rug by the door.

You can see the warp threads in the rug and going through the reed and behind that the heddles in this photo

You can read more about setting up a weaving area and my first loom and projects here.

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