The purse is not a hat, but the hat may be a purse.

Over the last year I've made more than 30 purses out of the knit felt process. It has been so much fun to create, and wait for the end results, as the knit purse is huge and misshapen, yet when it is washed in hot water it becomes a fine piece of thick woolen fabric - like a tapestry taking on the pre-planned shape of a purse. Many of my "unfinished" pieces have been placed on heads, looking somewhat like misshapen hats.

Now, I make my first hat. It was also my first FLOP!! We've all laughed so hard at this piece, which is now in pieces, as I cut it up to use for embellishments in the future. But at first the hat I made almost looked more like a purse. Now I get it.

Learning to laugh at myself and my work.

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