No Way!! I never expected this.

This is the yarn - three colors tied into one continuous piece, removed from the warping board and tied into a large crochet chain to keep each string of yarn in order - looks frightful for keeping things straight, but it works!!

I'm weaving.

OK - I have a great teacher, very patient.

I have a loom to use when I'm in class and now that I'm "weaving" it's mine to use between classes - hooray!

These are the threaded yarn actually on the loom - wow.

The first class was design and pattern, and picking yarn, and then - tying the yarn together at intervals to make color changes lengthwise on the loom, called warping the loom, the twisted knotted looking piece laying on the cross bar of the loom is one continuous piece of colors of yarn tied together at exact intervals where you want color change.

This is the step before "Tying one on" the teacher calls it - meaning, placing each string through the loom - "Dressing the Loom" and keeping everything in order while doing it. No major errors here - just looks sloppy.

After the first class, I bought graph paper and colored pencils and drew what I imagined my first piece would look like. Wow, I guessed pretty good.

The second class was "dressing the loom" The way you put the yarn on the loom (one continuous piece) is maintained in order of the wrapped pieces by a "cross in the yarn" You wrap in a figure 8 then tie all 4 pieces of the figure 8 until you have it on the loom completely. This was time consuming, so I went to the 3rd class early to catch up with the other students.

Class 3 I'm weaving.

Can you tell I'm excited? This will be an 8" by 72" scarf, with fringe. Too fun.

Uh, oh! Don't tell Russ, it is a pretty expensive hobby, the YARN and the LOOM. In the 3 classes so far I've learned why handwoven items are so expensive.

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