My knit felt hat flopped.

I used a pattern, but I used a series of wool yarn scraps to know a hat that started at the brim and worked towards the crown. It look pretty good before I felted it.

It turned into a wool flying saucer, the crown shrunk A LOT and the brim didn't roll up like it was supposed to, and the hat itself didn't round out, so it looks like a woolen chip serving bowl with fringe. Actually if I fold it in half, then fold it again, I come up with a cone shape bag with three pockets, hmmm. Well, after about 30 bags one has to fail. Everyone seems tempted to throw my purses on their heads and pretend they are hats, so I make a hat that will probably become a purse, my life seems a little upside down right now.

Anywho, I bought extra yarn from my WEAVING adventure, and I think I'll be making a small purse out of that same yarn, to match the woven scarf maybe a bag to store it in when not being worn, or a clutch for a few items, i.d., lipstick, etc..

Woven Scarves are EXPENSIVE - and now I know why. Half the time it takes to make a scarf is in preparation of the loom ... It's no different though from any handmade piece. It is such a joy to create it.

I'm usually so far from the pattern by the time I finish a piece, because, I want it to be unique, so staying with the pattern, but using a variety of yarns kept me true to my nature - I'm a maverick knitter!!


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