OK, I'm going shopping for a few EASY patterns to get started. BTW (by the way) I knit continental style. I'm more than happy to teach English style, but I love Continental because you can relax your right arm, the wrap the yarn around the left needle with the right arm kinda gets to my elbow! Any opinions on this are certainly welcome. I can revise any instructions to my personal taste for Continental style. The basic difference is that you hold the working yarn on your left index finger and pinky as you work, and grab it with the right needle, instead of holding it in your right hand and making the sweep to move the yarn to the left needle to capture the next stich. If this is confusing, ignore it, I'll be showing pictures when we start lessons.

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littlesis said...

I am anxious for the lessons to start! I'll find a pattern...I probably have some sitting around here I could use. So, I'll take a look and find one.

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