Sold my Pattern on Etsy.

Peggy Giza bought my knit felt pattern on Etsy, and here is a picture of her finished project. 

This makes me pretty proud.  4 years of knitting, felting and now documenting the process, and I published a few of my patterns.  This one is for sale on my Etsy store, and Peggy of FELT GARDEN scooped up my pattern, knit then felted her own version and sent me this picture.  She modified the bag (to her own liking) and sent me these modifications:

The only modification was to the handle tabs put handle stitches on a stitch holder and first row knit one and then SSK and then to last three stitches K2tog and knit last stitch, Purl next row and repeat row 1 and 2 until 6 stitches ...next row Knit 2 and K2tog and then Knit 2. for 5 stitches...then knitted stockinet for a few rows...maybe six or so...then bind off and when felted add handle and sew to inside. 

I also use a sew in snap that I get here or Etsy too...the acorns and leaves are my pattern...the bee is something I try to add to all of my bags if appropriate...also inside my bags I sew in a button that says Felt Garden(also ordered from a vendor here on etsy as my bag signature. 

I make a purse bottom from prestofelt and plastic needlepoint backing...invented by my hubby... and it works great as a purse. bottom...I have learned a lot but have made hundreds of bags well maybe only 2 or 3 hundred... L I am going to check out your blog I am not as computer tuned in as you...if someone wants to buy a bag...let me know ... email her at feltgarden@gmail.com

Thank you miss Peggy.  I'm so honored,


Here's a photo of the bag I made.  Click on the link to see the article about making these purses.

Here's a link to my Etsy store, for purses or the pattern.    

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