My Etsy store had a sale!

Today is Thanksgiving 2011.  I'm so thankful for family.  I hope to spend time with them today.  I glad we have the opportunity to pause and catch up on a day like today each year.

I re-opened my Etsy shop a few weeks ago and have already sold an item.

Well, I sold a neck gator.  It was an alpaca knit neck gator that was made in one long piece, then knotted, then seamed.  So the knot is always there, but there are several ways to tie it, and wear it.

It can be a neck gator for warmth, the knot loosened up against your neck or tightened very snug and worn as a fiber necklace, or again loosened somewhat and worn as an ear warmer.  It is also great for kids, because it's adjustable.

Here's a pic of the one I sold.  I have more listed out there.

You'll see tags with photos hanging on some of my items, I use my Mini-Moo business cards for price tags at sales that I attend when I display my items.  The mini business cards are from Moo.com

Get your own Mini-Moos here:  MINI-MOOS

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Katie said...

I love this!! As a new etsy seller (and fellow Fiber Crazed team member) I want to post every time I have a sale. It still amazes me. hee! Lovvely blog and going to peek at your shop!

You can buy this poster.