So what am I reading on my Kindle?

Thought you'd never ask. 

First of all I found the workbook to my favorite "self-help" - "God help me" book from the 80's.  I was an emotional wreck from dumb stuff life throws at you, went to a seminar, the speaker recommended this book, "Search for Significance." by Robert S McGee

It was a God-send for sure, because it gave me permission to work through my anger, disappointments and plain old attitudes.  Super stuff.  I found out there is a 60-day workbook for people who've read the book and need a refresher.  Today - January 3, 2011, I'm actually on day 3 in the book.

I'm also reading "Safely Home" by Randy Alcorn.  What an awesome series of events, it is captivating, about about 1/3 through the book already - very good for my reading pattern. 

I started "Knit Together" by Debbie Macomber first.  It is a great motivational book, and Debbie is well known among knitters, yet has a heart of gold, has weathered most of life's stages and come out on top.  Lovin' it, too, Only read about 1/10th of this book. 

Next I'm reading "Middlemarch" (classic free .pdf) by George Elliott.  Wow, didn't know I had so many books in the works.  This is great - each one has a way of fitting into my day in some way.

Now they're all in one place and I can read no matter where I am.  Also knit and felted a cute little pouch for my Kindle.  Pics later.


Andrea said...

"Safely Home" sounds super interesting...

IF it wasn't on your KINDLE I would ask to BORROW it when you are DONE!



Anonymous said...

think the value of self-help books or speeches really all depends on the nature of the self-help book or speech.

The problem with most of them is that you don't know that the person practiced or practices what he/she preaches, you have no idea how they truly got to where they are and they do not cast a wide enough net with their advice to truly reach the minds and hearts of the potential audience.

"Birth of a Salesman" by Carson V. Heady has NONE of these problems.

Not only is it spot-on, can't-miss career advice that is tested and triumphant, it is a book-within-a-novel about the author of the book. Unique spin from someone living in reality - it is a cut above all others.


yui said...

Nice to meet you.
I'm always excited on your new story.

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