Knitting is like taking a nap?

I was knitting late one evening at our son's house.  The older boys were at a sports event and I was alone with our 3 year old granddaughter.

She asked me if knitting was hard.  I told her it's a lot of work to learn.

She said it looked like one long string went up and made things - I said, "You've got it girl."  She told me she wants to knit when she's older, Lord, let me be around to teach her if this desire remains ... that would be awesome.

Then she said, "Mamaw, why do you like knitting?"  I said it helps me relax, plus I get to make gifts for people.

She said, "So, knitting is like taking a nap?"

I say, "YEP! For me it is."

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Oh she's so smart and fun :)

But..we are both a smidge (er ALOT) biased me-thinks ...


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