Woven Rag Rugs - I Cut Strips out of A Piece of Upholstry Fabric

I saw this fabric in a box and decided to cut a strip of it and try weaving it on my rug loom.  It looked fantastic.

So I cut a few more strips, wove them in and soon I was cutting 10 or 12 strips at a time, walking to the loom, weaving them in.  It took no time to make this 24" x 44" rug.  Of course the time consuming process of dressing (warping) my loom is not mentioned here.

The colors on these photos changes because of lighting in my loom room.
So I'd call the colors beige, light coral and gray.
My starter weft threads are toilet paper strips, that's the white in the foreground (bottom) of picture.

Great side view of item still on the loom.

A work in progress, once I complete the fringe process I'll get a photo of the finished project.

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