It is seriously time to get serious

If I'm going to have anything to put on the display tables at this fall's art and craft, fiber art fairs, I'm going to have to get over this "creative slump" and start knitting and felting.

I cannot sell "works-in-progress."

So, as I pack for a 3 week trip - I include a basket full of wool yarns, and embellishing yarns - don't know what colors I'll need, because I cannot be inspired ahead of time ... who can?

Here I go - I'm going to try to make at least 6 purses this next 3 weeks.

Only delay - using my wrist - I was stung by a wasp yesterday and have a stiff left wrist.  Ibuprofen and ice on the ready!

I have a few large bags ready for sale, one needs to be lined, one needs handles and lining, one and about 5 small bags ready - Large bags will go for $125.00 and smaller for $80.00 this year.  No more Mrs. nice lady, cause, these things are a lot of work and love!!

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