Sock Yarn

I know that people still hand knit socks.

In fact in reading the sock knitting patterns I can tell that the foot of a sock pattern is just like some of the slippers I've knit then felted.

But socks are so inexpensive I can't understand the time factor for knitting a pair of socks, and getting two of them knit just alike sounds like too much stress to me.

BUT, I have learned to greatly appreciate sock yarn.  It is awesome on my floor loom.  It is the perfect yarn for a draping scarf or wrap.  If made of 50% wool it is the softest, and now several commercial luxury yarn distributors have incredible colors and patterns.

I used the left over yarn from my granddaughter's sweater to weave a scarf, using Caron Simply Soft as the warp threads (pretty much hidden, but left long at both ends for fringe) the sock yarn as the more dominate colors.

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