Knit Felt Purse - with lining. Why is this a big deal?

I said I'd never do this, because,

I don't like all the detail it takes to finish off a project, I like pieces very basic. But this one demanded a lining. The lining turned out amazing ... hmmm.

It also has two sweet pockets inside.

I up-cycled two identical Goodwill purchased belts for the strap attachments. So, fun.

I really struggle with finishing my pieces. I love making them and felting them, but the details in the end always suffer a big delay. I said I wouldn't start lining them, but here's one I decided to go against my stubborn plans and dive in.

The real reason is I don't like digging out the sewing machine, making a huge mess, and putting everything away before the project is finished. If I could make myself leave the mess till the project is done, I'd be better off, but I'm a clean up before bed person - certainly stunts my creativity (my stubbornness and my vow to clean up before bed!)

This one is sold by the way.

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