Antiques and the Roadshow got me thinking.

First of all - Cameos - I have several - a few were my grandmothers, but she was born in 1898, so they're probably not over 100 yrs old yet. I also have the hubbie's grandmother's skirt hemming tool. It measures from the floor up, so that the hem is even all the way around ... I always was fascinated with my Grandmother's sewing tools, so honored to get this item right before my m-i-l died. She took me through the house, handing me things ... so sweet.

I have my Grandmother's IRON, the real thing, and one of her butter crocks. I have my baby bracelet - probably an antique by now. It says m-o-b-l-e-y in little letter beads - it's a blue bracelet, things were politically, or anatomically or women's liberatedly correct back then - maybe not an antique but close!!!

I have a few more jewelry pieces, some silverware, and a few oil lamps. I really like the Roadshow, I often see things I've owned at one time, and didn't consider the value until I saw it on TV.

But I also have a few very old books.

My very favorite - it gives me perspective, encourages me in all kinds of situatons, gives me a good laugh occasionally and proabably has a bad case of dust mites, cause I itch all over anytime I read it ... the book, Quit Your Meanness by Sam P Jones. It may be worth a pretty penny or two, but don't know if I can ever part wiith it.

Sam P Jones challenges people to get a life by quitting their meanness.
He was a Methodist Preacher (my copy of the book was a gift from a retired preacher's librar)

Some of his quotes:

"I always did despise theology and botany, but I do love religion and flowers."

"The curse of this age is that we have put gold above God, chattels above character, and mammon above manhood. We have inverted God's order of things"

"The tune of America is pitched to the dollar"

He died in 1906.

I was reading a book written by a friend, introducing his character. He was humorous before humor was common in the pulpit, he was a man of character who called himself 95% man and 5% preacher. His acquaintances saw him as sold out to his beliefs.

Just thinking along the lines of some of the material things I value.


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