Felting Mystique

I haven't been able to knit now for 15 days. I'm not sure I'll be able to for another 8 days. Withdrawals are setting in. One issue is my right hand, it aches so bad, for a good reason. I just completed a cross country ride on my motorcycle, I don't have cruise control, and I had to maintain a set speed side-by-side in a pack of approximately 250 to 350 bikes every day for 10 days. The ole' right hand is totally resting, heat and ice, in preparation for evenings in the knitting love-seat at my home-sweet-home. I'm wool yarn shopping ... hoping to find sales in the summer, as I have a new business in mind, and I'm so ready to start cranking out product.

I'm also on the hunt for pendants (unique ones) to add the personal creative touch to each item. I'm hoping to convince sister #3 to make my unique designer tags for each item I sell...watch out ETSY. My plan is to take pictures, some step-by-step instructions, and sell the patterns in addition to the products. Can you tell I'm excited?

So another 8 or 10 days on the motorcycle then back to the hot-seat, cranking out felted items for this fall and winter.

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Anonymous said...

I love knitting! The only thing I have a problem with is fuzzies which cling to my garments. The best thing to use is a fabric shaver. The best one I know of is on the link.

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